Our Medical Billing Promise To You:


Collect 100% of what’s rightfully owed to you. Follow up on all claims that hit 30+ days in aging. Get the insurance over 90 to zero (and keep it there).


Submit clean claims within 24-48 hours of receipt. Post all payments to patient ledgers within 24-48 hours.


We make it easy to partner by creating processes that allow you to focus on your patients, not administrative tasks. Dedicated team with personalized attention.

People Say the Nicest Things
"I have seen major improvements to my revenue cycle including quicker time to payment and more streamlined processes. It is easy to communicate with Clarify Medical Services regarding any client billing issues and they are handled in a timely manner. When I have practice management issues, Andrea problem solves and determines ways to improve the processes." Jennifer, LCSW
People Say the Nicest Things
"Clarify Medical Services has quickly and completely resolved practice management issues related to billing as they arise.  This has included things like insurance enrollments (EDI, ERA, and EFT) and claim denials.  It is easy to communicate with Andrea and she quickly solves the problems I just can’t seem to manage, allowing me to focus on my clients." Catherine, LMHC

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